Meet Iberian Yacht Solutions – Your Superyacht Agent in Spain! We are a yacht agency that offers a diverse range of services for the yachts that visit and stay in Spanish waters.

Our professional team is here to make sure we are able to meet yacht crews expectations, on every level! Above all, our goal is to provide our clients with good experiences and professional services!

Why are we the right choice for you?

  • IYS team is a perfect combination of  luxury yacht captains with plenty of experience and maritime agents with great knowledge.
  • We are a small but well selected group of professionals in yachting industry, who always dedicate to the maximum to our clients!
  • For us the main priority is to make sure our clients are not only well supplied, but that they are also happy.
  • Our main goal is to deliver the highest quality service for the yacht owners and guests on board.
  • You can count on a 24/7 support from multilingual team!
  • We can support you in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Russian!
  •  No matter how complex the requests or needs – our team is always ready to deal with your desires, in order to let your guests discover and fully enjoy the beauty of Iberian Peninsula coast and Balearics.
  • The big advantage of being a smaller group of proffesionals is that we can treat each client exclusively, with direct communication and attention – which makes our results and your satisfaction much more effective!
  • We are professional, effective and flexible!

So, why are we the right choice for you? – BECAUSE WE CARE!








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    We are here above all to make sure you have everything you need before or after your trip! Similarly, we want to make sure you are well supported during your stay as well. For instance, here are some of the services that we will provide you with:

    • Berth reservation
    • Port and Customs formalities
    • Spanish charter licenses and VAT solutions
    • Crew visas and shore passes
    • Tax free and national bunkering
    • 24/7 Medical assistance
    • Worldwide courier services and Mailbox service
    • Bank transactions (Cash to the Captain)
    • Technical assistance
    • Provisioning
    • Spare parts and consumables
    • Interior cleaning and Laundry services


    In addition to our agent servces, we are also pffering Concierge services. Most importantly, we want to help you reach the maxmum of your stay, therefore we are here to help you with the following:

    • Flower arrangements
    • VIP Transfers
    • Exclusive car rental with or without driver
    • Private charter flights and transfers by helicopter

    Furthermore, we will provude you with the following local services:

    • Restaurant reservations
    • Culture and sports events passes
    • Hotel and SPA booking
    • Villas and luxury apartment rentals
    • Personal Shopper
    • Tourist guides and excursions
    • Masseurs
    • Fitness trainers

    In conclusion, our services are always determined by your wishes and needs, so do not hesitate to let us know what you need.



    Barcelona and adjacent marinas are perfect choice for the long period moorings, maintenance stops and refit works. Therefore , you will find great infrastructure and very attractive prices in these  marinas.

    Whether you are looking for wintering berth, berth to prepare the yacht between Mediterranean and Caribbean seasons, shipyard for planned maintenance or major refit, let us take care of your needs. We will find the the appropriate facilities with the best economical offers.  Above all, we will manage the execution of the works.

    In addition, we will take care of the yachts usually driven by the owner himself, in the absence of the owner.

    Key benefits for wintering in Barcelona:
    • Competitive mooring prices
    • New marinas and shipyards, modern technological infrastructure and highly professional workforce
    • Almost all marinas are reachable in less than 1h drive from Barcelona El-Prat International airport
    • High quality, international living environment for the crew with very attractive cost of living
    • Mild and sunny winters with average day temperatures 12-15 °C in December, January and February
    • A huge variety of sport activities for crew: gyms, water sports and sailing, ski resorts 2h driving distance, golf courses etc..



    With our offices in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza, we primarily operate in Barcelona, Costa Brava and Balearic Islands.

    Nevertheless, we can fully support yachts in all major Spanish Ports, located the Iberian Peninsula part of the Mediterranean coast. Some of them are: Tarragona, Valencia, Dénia, Alicante, Cartagena, Malaga, Marbella and Gibraltar.

    In addition, we operate in the ports on the Atlantic coast,like Cádiz, Vigo and La Coruña, and Canary Islands.


    Barcelona is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. For instance, there is no other port in Western Mediterranean offering such diversity of extraordinary experiences. Some of them are spectacular modernist and gothic architecture. Nevertheless, the city is rich with lots of unique gastronomic offers from world famous Chefs. Furthermore, this Mediterranean city can offer a great variety of music and art venues, business fairs and and sports events. When it comes to the gastronomy, Barcelona will definately have a lot to offer!  In this city, there are plenty of places where you’ll never have the same meal twice, thanks to their constant innovation and focus on seasonal products. In Barcelona, many of them draw from the same source of inspiration: the humble Catalan kitchens of decades past. The Michelin Guide currently includes a total of 24 Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona, so if this once-in-a-lifetime dining experience is on your bucket list, you’re spoiled for choice.


    Costa Brava

    The original translation of Costa Brava is -the Wild Coast. This natural oazis consists of endless sequence of rocky shores and white beaches with crystal clean water. Costa Brava offers a plenty of treasures to discover. Some of them are the picturesque bays and fishing harbours, ancient towns or Salvador Dali’s legacy. In addition, here you can enjoy the great variety of golf courses and the best diving sites in Mediterranean. You can also experience all the gastronomic pleasure from any of the thirteen Michelin star in Costa Brava restaurants has to offer. One of which is the El Celler de Can Roca owned by the Roca brothers. It was named the best restaurant in the world by  “The World’s 50 best restaurants” ; a British magazine for restaurant rankings. There is almost a Michelin Route through the Costa Brava where it’s possible to visit several Michelin restaurants during a single visit.


    Balearic Islands have a lot to offer, and in the first place there is of course Mallorca. This little island is perfect for those who love to mix culture and history with clear blue sea and outdoor activities. This famous destnation is an ideal place for sport fans, especially trekking, climbing and biking. In the islands Capital-Palma, you can find most par of yacht harbours. MoreoverThe capital of Mallorca has a historic old town and Cathedral of Santa Maria. The cathedral represents the splendid beauty of Catalan Gothic style. For quite some time now, the Mediterranean island of Mallorca has appeared on the European gastronomic radar, as there are tons of interesting restaurants stealing all the attention of foodies from all over the world. Mallorca is home to eight restaurants serving cuisine recognised by the prestigious Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal.


    Most of the people will recognize Menorca as “wild island” , because this island is still protected from mass tourism. In other wordsThis island can offer you an amazing diversity of landscape with flora and fauna, spreading through the island. In addition, Menorca is also a treasure chest full of archaeological delights, from the Iron and Bronze Age. Beautiful Menorca, the second-largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands, has developed a vibrant culinary scene in recent years. Diners can now expect Michelin-star cooking, harbourside seafood cuisine, and even a highly recommended restaurant in a vineyard.


    The islands mix of stunning nightlife, white sanded beaches and crystal blue water are a perfect combination. These are some of the main reasons that helped Ibiza become the most exclusive yachting destination in Mediterranean. Similarly, Some of the most famous clubs on the island, such as El Lio, Blue Merlin and Heart Ibiza Ibiza, attract great ammounts of music and festival lovers each year. Furthermore, Ibiza offers a variety of excellent anchorages in front of the preferred clubs, but also in the well protected calm bays. Ibiza restaurants are becoming as notorious as its clubs and with an influx of talented chefs coming to the island each year there is now a dynamic culinary scene.Here, you will explore the best fine dining restaurants, from luxurious locations to the ultimate dining experience.


    Formentera, just a few miles off Ibiza, has its own unique personality and can be described as the last Mediterranean paradise. The islands most valuable treasure are the crystalline blue waters with Caribbean-like white sand. For instanceThe Ses Illetes beach is the beach that most of the visitors consider to be the prettiest beach in Spain, and one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. The tiny island of Formentera has come into its own in recent years – once only known for its proximity to Ibiza and tranquil beaches, the island now has a thriving restaurant scene. Menus tend to have a heavy Italian influence with an emphasis on excellent seafood, and dining options range from beachside lunches to romantic dinners in candlelit courtyards. The rich gastronomic panorama of Formentera is enriched by the prestigious Michelin star thanks to the restaurant Can Dani.